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"Karley" is owned and loved by Kathy & family of Sudbury, Ontario. Karley will be pursuing agility like her older sister "Kashka".

July 1, 2003

Just to let you know the girls are VERY Happy. One does not let the other one out of sight. The pic is not as clear as I wanted it to be but you get the point. It looks like they are Mom and daughter.




"Etoile" is owned and loved by Lucie & family of Kapuskasing, Ontario

June 17, 2003 ria,
I have to tell you that we are so pleased with Étoile.  We have never had a puppy like her.  She adapted instantly in our home.  From her first day with us she started eating, and playing, and we think she's a little ball of fun.  She is sweet like we've never seen and very kind and loving.
Marie-Neige and her have bonded very strongly, and so have we with her.  She's no trouble at all, and brings so much joy in our home.  She adapted to her crate well while we are at work, and we come home every lunch to let her out.  She sleeps through the night and does not cry.  We have put the crate in Marie-Neige's bedroom and they go to bed at the same time, at around 8h30.  The bedroom is next to ours so when she wakes up, and needs to go out we hear her right away.  She has had only one accident (pi) in the house, and she even whines to go out when she needs to do no. 2.  She loves to play outside as much as inside, and we are by her side constantly.
What we find the most funny is when she does her sheepdog tricks with us, and tries to redirect our walk, or catch us when we run.  We are all in love with her!
My husband had a very nice visit at your home, and said that you were very nice.  On the way home Étoile slept most of the time and travelled very well.
You know what,  we are very happy to have had a chance to buy one of your dog's puppies.  Obviously you have put a lot of time and caring into your kennel, and it is of an excellent quality.  Thank you so much for considering us, and I will send you an update from time to time, with some pictures.  You can always e-mail me if you want news too.
Talk to you soon!   




"Kinickie" is owned and loved by the Lochmann family, Iowa, USA

January 9, 2003

Jackie Lochmann here. I thought I would send you this cute photo of our little buddy! He is so special. Been keeping up with his booster shots real good. Will be setting up something at the end of this month to have him neutered. I will let you know as soon as I have an exact date. Thought I would say hello and let you know that we just love our little addition. He is so well mannered and tries so hard to please. He is completely house broken and doesn't chew on anything but his little toys. We take him everywhere with us too! He is just like another little person in our family. Well, I better sign off for now but I will keep in touch. Talk to ya later!

JJackie Lochmann



"Dolly" is owned and loved by the Day family, Sudbury, ON



"Willy" is owned and loved by the Mallette family, Sudbury, ON



"Simba" (right) is owned and loved by the McEwan family, Sudbury, ON



Geordie is lovingly owned by Paul, Paula & family of Sudbury, Ontario.  They are planning to do some obedience and agility with him.  Fun times ahead for this little cutie!

June 29, 2002

I wanted to let you know how well Geordie is doing in his new home. Day one was filled with exploring his yard, toys and our cat, Pika, who has been very tolerant with him. He slept through the night till 5:00, woke us with a little whine and went outside, returning to his crate to sleep till 8:00. Day two was a lot of running, chasing, tugging, chewingand of course cuddling. (He does like that!) He eats less than a quarter cup of food per feeding, which alarmed me at first, but, after noticing that what goes in comes out and knowing that if he's hungry he'll eat, I felt better. Day three was more of the same, meeting new people,going to the corner for his daily car ride and a lot of play. He is so sweet and we love him dearly. He has such intelligent eyes, listening to everything you say, one would expect him to join in the conversation. He is doing very well with housebreaking. Being consistant is the key and with four of us here it's important that we are all on the same page with regards to it. Overall it's been a great start to our lives together.

We will keep in touch-------------Paula& family

May 31, 2002

Thanks so much for allowing us to have such an adorable puppy and for the special care that you've given him these past seven weeks.  We'll carry on and hope to see you in the future.

Thanks again,

Paul, Paula & family


This cuddly boy is lovingly owned by John, Donna & family of Sudbury, Ontario.

May 26, 2002

Just want to let you know Kobee is doing really well, he had a few accidents yesterday, today none so far. He slept pretty well last night, he cried for a couple minutes but later fell back to sleep. I think we really tired him out. He's very playfull, what a joy!! We love him; He sure loves to be cuddled with.

Many Thanks!

The Neeley Family


Denby is owned and loved by Laurie, Kevin & family of Sudbury, Ontario.

December 21, 2002

Thanks for the news.  If only our kids could say such great things about their parents!

Denby has fit well into the family.  He loves his walks. He is very expressive and certainly gets his point of view across to us.  Thus far he has paid little attention to the Christmas tree…although we have delayed putting presents under it.  That may be a bit too tempting.

Have a great Christmas and fun holiday season.



Zack is proudly owned and loved by Therese, John & family of Sudbury, Ontario.



This pretty little girl is owned and loved by Carol of Sudbury, Ontario. 

May 7, 2002

Here's Ceili's shower picture. She had a very good time and as you can see her "aunties" really showered her with gifts ... there were more but they wouldn't all fit in her little bed! She's doing really well and can "come" and "sit" on command now. Well, with a little encouragement and a treat of course. She is also learning to "come along" off lead in the back yard. Of course, she gets very distracted out there as there are sounds and sights galore.  I can hardly wait to start her in obedience puppy school as I think she'll catch on fast. She is full of curiosity and as busy as all get out. How are Tess's pups? I still think of them longingly..two would be such fun but I do know my limits! Cheers for now.

Carol and Ceili :> (woof)

April 30, 2002

Ceili and I are back in Sudbury!

Thanks for the reminder to get her 2nd set of shots! We were just in to see Dr. Baxter today and she was glad to see Ceili and know that I would be continuing with her as Ceili's vet. I figured since she was your vet, she would already know her and your dogs and that would be a bonus. She says she had Ceili downd as the "spunky" one and she is turning out to be just that! Into everything and as cute as all heck! Diana and some of my fellow Lions gave us a puppy shower last Saturday evening so I will have some hilarious pictures to send soon.


Carol And Ceili :> (woof)

April 8, 2002

Just a note to let you know Ceili has settled in very well. We had an excellent evening--she played and played. She has adapted to the airline crate and spent the night in there beside my bed --only a few squeeks when I put her in at midnight ! She went right through to 6:30 this morning! I hope this isn't too long in the crate. She has also been hitting the papers beside the back door very well so I don't think it will take her long to train.

Cheers for now Carol



This handsome boy is now owned and loved by  Susan and  family of Kincardine, Ontario. What a happy bunch!!

April 30, 2002

Thanks for the reminder!  Koty actually had his visit to the vet this morning.  He got a clean bill of health... everyone just loved him!  He was a very good boy :) .  He weighed in at 3.5 kg... it's amazing how fast they grow!  He still cannot climb stairs yet though, which is probably better because he cannot escape to the rec room without anyone knowing!  We still have to carry him down the stairs off the back deck to do his jobs. 
Koty is becoming more tolerant of grooming and is starting to take very short walks on a lead.  Lots of treats and lovin' are needed. 
We are very happy with him.  He is a great puppy! 
I've attached a couple more pictures for you.... more to follow... we need to take some more recent ones because Koty is growing so quickly.
Thanks again for your help!


April 9, 2002

We made it home to Kincardine safe and sound.  Koty travelled very well in his crate (what a good little guy he is!)  House training is going pretty well so far and he only usually gets up once during the night to need outside.  Dakota is a real snuggler which we all love and very playful when he is awake!  He is adjusting very well to his new home and seems very happy and content.  Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job with him in his first few weeks of life, I think that is very important!
The information package you sent is great.  I think I've read everything in there and it was super to refresh my memory about training etc. and about sheltie character.  We will have to work on consistency with 5 of us here! 
We have taken a few photos, none of our whole family yet because we have been fighting a flu bug... we will send you a group photo when we get one. I attached one picture of Koty by himself.  We have decided on a registered name for Dakota... it is Starswept Dakota Sky.  Funny in a way how so much time went into deciding when we probably won't use it much anyway! 
How is your other 'mom' doing... any puppies yet!  You sure are a busy lady!
Well, better run for now.  Thanks again for everything.





This handsome boy is owned and  loved by Veronica and family of Spanish, Ontario

April 10, 2002

Panda is doing very well, he seems to love his new home. He has had a couple of accidents but everyone takes turns to take him outside a few times a day.  He is really good at night. I put a blanket over and I don't hear him all night until the morning. He really enjoys his ball and loves to play with the kids. He runs around with them but only stays in the living room, not really venturing anywhere. He followed me a couple of times to my room but left and went back to familiar surroundings. The registered name is fine with me, sounds good. I have a hard time calling him Panda, I call him my boy.