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A Sable & White Starswept  Sheltie Puppy
"Renee"  Starswept Photo  



We are serious small hobby breeders/exhibitors of Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) since 1998, although we have been involved in dogs since 1984. Our foundation is built on the world famous, 40 year old "BARWOOD", proven top winning and producing bloodline (80 plus American Champions) , well known for the exquisite type (beautiful eyes and melting expressions) and soundness (temperament and structure) of their shelties. Our pedigrees include many of the top winning and producing shelties (BIS, BISS, ROMC, ROM) thus incorporating some of the finest Canadian/American Bloodlines.

Thoughtful breeding has resulted in the successful combination of  these outstanding bloodlines thus creating our own excellent pedigrees and recognizable family look that is uniquely STARSWEPT.  We presently specialize in the pure for sable & whites (brilliant, firey red), although we occasionally breed other colours. 

We are not a kennel.  Our shelties share our  home with us and each one is considered special and is dearly loved for his/her unique qualities. We keep our numbers small by choice in order to be able to afford the dogs the individual attention and care they deserve. Therefore we are very selective in what we keep for our breeding program, thus ensuring that only top quality, superior specimens are used as breeding stock.  Several of our dogs have been kept on co-ownerships which has helped us in maintaining a larger gene pool. In keeping with the idea that "quality" is more important than quantity we have been rewarded with quality offspring that are well suited for companion, performance, and show  homes. 

Puppies are individually handled daily from birth and are raised in a clean, bright, household environment with other pets.  This ensures maximum socialization from the very beginning which is so important for healthy psychological and emotional development. Also, puppies will eventually be travelling into varying circumstances so we attempt to expose them to as many new sounds, smells and environments as possible so that the transition from our home to yours is an easy one.

We believe that the key to health and vitality is a quality, nutritious diet, therefore we feed our dogs a premium all natural dog food and also include healthy snacks to their diet.  We do the appropriate health testing on our breeding stock. We offer written health guarantees (hereditary and congentital defects) and lifetime support. We are located in Sudbury, a northern Ontario city which is the Nickel Mining Capital of the world. Sudbury is about a 4 hour drive or a 45 minute flight North of Toronto.  

Our breeding program focuses on the "whole sheltie". Therefore our ultimate goal has always been to produce intelligent, sound shelties, that have correct structure, type, movement, luxurious coats and loving temperaments. In addition, we hope to maintain that "can't take my eyes off you" look of elegance! Keeping this in mind we strive to consistently produce shelties that will excel in conformation, performance and as family companions. We follow the guidelines set out by The Canadian Kennel Club in the OFFICIAL CANADIAN BREED STANDARD to guide us in this endeavour. 

Member of The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) & The Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association (CSSA) & The Sudbury District Kennel Club (SDKC) in Good Standing.

 We hope you will enjoy your virtual visit and will come back soon!